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SAFE LLC, Cyprus


Intelligent adaptable surface medical bed for Pressure-Tension Relief


Conceptualization and design of the Bed hosting the IASIS technology.


IASiS addressed the critical clinical problem of pressure ulcer incidence and treatment and developed an Intelligent Adaptable Surface (SMARTsurface) for serving as the skin/machine interface in therapy beds and wheelchair seating systems. This surface is redistributing the pressure, strain and shear applied on the skin i.e. the critical mechanical parameters associated with the onset and deterioration of skin ulceration. This SMARTsurface ought to comprise of self-shaping elements and ought to be responsible for relieving pressure and strain in a timely manner according to the information received by appropriately designed sensing modules. Diagnosis and prevention relies on intelligent optical fiber sensing devices that must identify the values and coordinates of excessive epidermal loadings and must successfully provide feedback information to the adaptable mattress or seat mechanism. A controller optimizes the feedback from the sensors and the surface actuators according to preset “damaging thresholds” thus preventing tissue exposure to prolonged, excessive pressure-shear. This, in turn, must suppress the onset or deterioration of pressure ulcers. To this end, IASiS attempted to develop optical fiber-based two-dimensional pressure/strain/shear sensing elements and tried demonstrated their performance for the first time on rehabilitation applications. The physical components of the integration of the intelligent fiber-based sensing surface could not be materialized for the purpose of a fully functional, durable and flexible SMARTsurface adaptable surface mechanism. Alternative solutions for the pressure feedback were integrated and evaluated for performance through extensive Laboratory and Clinical Trials.


The adaptable bedding surface testing.

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